Probate Solicitors in Mansfield – Administering an Estate

Once a Grant has been obtained by either us or yourself, the estate needs to be administered. If the estate if small (maybe under £5,000.00), a grant may not be necessary.

If we are administering the estate, you do not have to pay separately for obtaining the Grant.

We are able to administer the estate on your behalf. For estates worth over £100,000 our fees are 2% of the estate plus VAT. Our service includes us valuing the estate, collecting monies into the estate, paying of any debts, drafting estate accounts, paying any inheritance tax and distributing the residuary estate.

If the estate is worth under £1000.00, we will charge an hourly rate, instead of the 2% fee, of £150.00 per hour but we can discuss this with you.

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