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Making a will is a simple and important thing to do.  Failing to make a will can leave your family and friends with untold problems at a very difficult time. We offer a full will writing service.

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Wills & Probate

Making a will is a simple and important thing to do.  Failing to make a will can leave your family and friends with untold problems at a very difficult time. We offer a full will writing service.

As solicitors for wills,  we can ensure that your estate is left exactly as you would wish it to be.  We are happy to visit you in the comfort of your own home to take instructions and give professional advice at very reasonable rates.

As well as will writing, as probate solicitors in Mansfield we offer a full range of probate services from applying for grants of representation to administering estates.

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Our team recognise the fact that making a will is not always a pleasurable thing to do, but it is a very essential one. Nationwide stats reveal that one third of individuals pass away with no will, and this can create many difficulties for the friend and relatives who are left behind. It also means that the deceased can not ensure that any possessions or property left behind will be divided as he or she had wished.

At Phillips Solicitors we take pride in being specialists for writing wills in Mansfield, that take into account the delicate nature of the procedure.

With this in mind, you can be positive that we will be able to help you throughout every step of the procedure, and once every little thing is finalised you will be certain that your last wishes will be taken into account and that your loved ones and friends will acquire any belongings that you may leave behind.

As well as will writing, as probate solicitors in Mansfield Nottinghamshire, we supply a complete collection of probate solutions from applying for grants of representation to administering estates.

Wills & Probate FAQs

Probate Solicitor needs to have outstanding legal, accountancy and admin capabilities}. Moreover, they absolutely need to be excellent with individuals to assist them with the probate procedure.

As Probate Lawyers, we fully grasp the law. We can understand Wills and when they are (or aren’t) legitimate and we’re acquainted with the the legal phrases employed in Wills. We also know what occurs and who receives what when somebody passes away without having a Will, which is referred to as dying intestate.

Probate Solicitors are likewise specialists in the various tax obligations that have to be handled when someone passes away, including Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax.

There are numerous tax forms to fill out when handling an Estate, and our Probate Solicitors will negotiate with HMRC personally, making sure all accessible tax exemptions and reliefs are {a used, tax calculations are precise and settlement due dates are met.

During the Probate process, there will be a great deal of funds coming in and going out, as property and possessions are sold off and financial obligations worked out. It’s essential to always keep track of this, and our Probate Solicitors will put together comprehensive Estate records.

When a person passes away and they have a legally legitimate Will in place, the Will should name one or more Executors. These are the individuals who have been selected to administer the Estate by the person who passed away.

It is these individuals who will need to determine whether a Grant of Probate is required or not.

If it is, the Executors will be the individuals identified on this legal document, and this will enable them legal power to administer the Estate.

If you reside in England or Wales and pass away without having a lawfully valid Will, the government will determine who receives what.

If you have no surviving family members, all of your residential property and belongings will go to the Crown.

If you have sons or daughters under eighteen years old, other individuals can make choices about who will look after the children and take care of their financial resources, education and learning and living arrangements.

By creating a Will you can define your absolute wishes.

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