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We have substantial experience of dealing with a full range of offences from minor to the most serious.

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Criminal Defence

As expert criminal law solicitors in Mansfield, all solicitors in the Criminal team are experienced in offering support, advice and representation in the Police StationMagistrates’ Court and Crown Court.

As criminal defence solicitors, we have substantial experience of dealing with a full range of offences from minor to the most serious.

We only work with the best barristers and Kings Counsel when matters are committed or sent to Crown Court.

We pride ourselves on our excellent service which is demonstrated by our results.

Our criminal solicitors in Mansfield are committed to putting your interests first.

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Experienced Criminal Solicitors

With a lengthy background of providing support to those who find themselves to be the subject of a criminal investigation or prosecution, we have a great deal of experience to call upon, which makes us experts in the field of criminal law.

If you ever require a criminal defence solicitor, then Phillips Solicitors are on hand to assist.

Phillips Solicitors have an excellent track record and consistently score highly in peer reviews which are conducted by solicitors from other firms.

Hiring a criminal defence solicitor via Phillips Solicitors, however you are funded, places your criminal defence case in the very best of hands. Whether you are funded by legal aid or pay privately we are fully committed to you and in putting your interests first.

Thanks to our substantial experience of supplying our clients with criminal defence lawyers, we are certain that we will give you the best possible defence and an ensure that you fully understand what is happening throughout the progression of your case.

Criminal Law FAQs

Criminal Solicitors are responsible for either prosecuting or defending a person accused of a criminal offence. We at Philips Solicitors only work in defence and are committed to. Our involvement begins at the police station or before. We will represent you at the Magistrates Court and also with with your barrister to ensure you get the best representation at the Crown Court. We ensure that your rights are protected throughout.

Criminal law defines criminal offences and also the guidelines and procedures that are used when these offences are committed or alleged to have been committed. The starting point is the legislation but it goes beyond this with case law, guidelines and procedure rules.

Criminal law forbids behaviour which is immoral and also presents a threat to the welfare of the public as well as their home or possessions. This consists of many crimes from murder, burglary and arson to vehicle crime, money laundering, criminal damage, assault, theft and also terrorism.

The Criminal Justice system has a double focus. The regulation itself is utilised to regulate people’s activities but it additionally helps individuals understand the repercussions of their activities.

This results from the fact that criminal legislation covers what criminal activity is, what the punishment should be and how those convicted should be rehabilitated.

There is no specific outline of the job description for a Criminal Solicitor because of the broad nature of the occupation and the vastness of criminal regulation itself. There are various kinds of solicitor that work in the field of criminal law.

A Criminal Defence Lawyer assists somebody who is alleged to have committed an offence or charged with a criminal activity. We make sure that their lawful rights are upheld and that they are provided a fair trial by accurately presenting their case in court.

Although a Criminal Defence Solicitor’s role is varied, common obligations consist of:

  • Standing for the accused in all stages of a prosecution, from police examination to presenting their case in court as an advocate
  • Advising clients in a variety of ways including over the telephone, in writing and face to face
  • Examining documentation related to an offence and also the case (consisting of witness statements, police reports, forensic records, medical records etc).
  • Researching, preparation and carrying out our own investigations.
  • Visiting prisons and police stations to communicate with the accused.
  • Preparing legal documents.
  • Developing a full, precise and compelling defence for those accused of a whole range of matters.

Legal Aid is still often available for those accused of a crime. Even when not available we offer free initial half hour sessions.

For general enquiries or to book a free initial half hour with one of our teams please either email us or call any of our officers at our Mansfield Office on 01623 658556 and choose option 3 to speak to a member of the team.

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