Lawyers near OvertonPhillips Solicitors, with offices at Mansfield, Shirebrook & Nottingham, is a helpful, inclusive brick-and-mortar firm of solicitors, with plentiful experience at criminal defence, family law, conveyancing & probate & wills – dedicated to ensuring very high quality legal services in Overton using legal aid or at cost effective prices.

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Criminal Lawyers

Being proficient criminal defence solicitors at Mansfield, all solicitors in the Criminal team are expert in offering help, recommendations & representation in the Police Station, Magistrates’ Court & Crown Court. As criminal defence solicitors, they have considerable prior experience of dealing with a complete range of offences from trivial to the most serious.

Our team of solicitors have an abundance of practical experience and the expert awareness to deal with any of your legal concerns, which is why we have an excellent profile of successful cases throughout Overton & Derbyshire. In addition, our criminal law solicitors will certainly be open and honest with you throughout the whole process, and you can easily place trust in us to really help make your experience as straight forward and more notably, as quick and effective as possible.

We only work with the very best barristers and Queen’s Counsel when things are committed or sent to Crown Court.

We pride ourselves on our superb professional service that is displayed with our end results.

Our criminal law solicitors serving Overton are definitely committed to placing your interests first.

Criminal Law Solicitor in Overton

Criminal Law Solicitor serving Overton

Divorce Solicitors

Divorce Solicitor serving Overton

Divorce Solicitor serving Overton

Being family law solicitors at Mansfield, we offer qualified assistance from our approved professionals concerning family law.

If you are having issues with Social Services or with making agreements for living arrangements or contact with young children, we can certainly offer recommendations & approaches with or without the benefit of legal aid at either of our practices.

In the event that you need safeguards from domestic violence or harassment we can help you get injunctions.

Our fundamental aim is to aid you with any family or marriage concerns, and deliver legal help to ensure that the process is as hassle-free as conceivable.

As divorce solicitors serving Overton, we also provide a fixed fee divorce solution and professional recommendations in regard of monetary arrangements both on splitting up and divorce or in contemplation of matrimony or civil partnership.

As family solicitors serving Overton, by having a wide range of understanding and practical experience, you can be certain that at every single stage we will be placing your interests first.

Conveyancing Lawyers

Whether our clients are purchasing, selling, remortgaging or possibly purchasing to let, our very qualified conveyancing solicitors at Mansfield possess all of the awareness and skill-sets to make sure that your transaction is going to advance as smoothly and promptly as practical.

Nonetheless, it is typically also the greatest monetary commitment you will undertake and can also be extremely stressful.

At Phillips Solicitors we understand this, which is why we offer professional conveyancing services, all of which are carried out by our knowledgeable in-house conveyancer.

Our devoted team have a wide range of knowledge and have built up a sound reputation throughout Overton & Derbyshire for providing a trusted conveyancing solution.

Please call either of our practices to discuss your needs to obtain a fixed fee conveyancing quotation.

With a wide range of local associations our conveyancing solicitors serving Overton will promise to place your interests first.

Wills & Probate Lawyers

Probate Solicitor Overton

Probate Solicitor Overton

Getting a will is a simple and essential item to do. Failing to produce a will can leave your family and friends with untold issues at a very challenging time. As Wills & Probate Lawyers at Mansfield, we provide a total will composing solution.

As solicitors for last will and testaments, we can make sure that your estate is left behind precisely as you would want it to be. We are more than happy to visit you in the comfort of your own home to take instructions and give qualified advice at very competitive prices. As soon as every little thing is done you can be confident that your final wishes will be taken into consideration and that your family and friends will receive any belongings that you may leave behind.

As well as will writing, as probate solicitors serving Overton, Derbyshire, we provide a full range of probate services from applying for grants of representation to administering estates.

Our Wills & Probate solicitors serving Overton are determined to place your interests first.