A lawyer local to Matlock – Phillips Solicitors Mansfield, with offices at Shirebrook, Mansfield plus Nottingham, are a helpful, multi-disciplinary high street legal practice of lawyers, who are experts at criminal law, family law, conveyancing plus probate & wills – devoted to giving very high quality legal services in Matlock through legal aid or at inexpensive prices.

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Criminal Solicitors

As expert criminal law lawyers at Mansfield, each of the lawyers in the Criminal team are skilled in supplying help, guidance and also representation in the Police Station, Magistrates’ Court & Crown Court. As criminal law lawyers, they have substantial expertise of dealing with a full range of offences from small-scale to the most severe.

Our group of lawyers have a wealth of skill and the professional know-how to take care of any of your legal concerns, which is the reason why we have an exceptional past record of successful lawsuits all throughout Matlock & Derbyshire. On top of that, our criminal lawyers will certainly be open and honest with you all throughout the whole procedure, and you can entrust us to really help make your experience as straight forward and more notably, as easy and productive as possible.

We only work with the finest barristers and Queen’s Counsel when issues are committed or sent to Crown Court.

We pride ourselves on our excellent professional service which is illustrated with our outcomes.

Our criminal lawyers serving Matlock are committed to putting your interests first and foremost.

Criminal Solicitor in Matlock

Criminal Solicitor serving Matlock

Family Law Lawyer

Family Solicitor in Matlock

Family Solicitor serving Matlock

As family law lawyers at Mansfield, we offer professional guidance from our approved professionals involving family law.

No matter if you are having troubles with Social Services or with making plans for residence or contact with young children, we are able to provide recommendations & remedies with or without the benefit of legal aid at any of our offices.

In the case that you require safety from domestic violence or harassment we can help you secure injunctions.

Our main objective is to assist you with any family or marriage complications, and give legal help to make certain that the procedure is as hassle-free as conceivable.

As divorce lawyers serving Matlock, we also offer a fixed fee separation solution and qualified guidance in regard of financial arrangements both on splitting up and divorce or in contemplation of matrimony or civil partnership.

As family lawyers serving Matlock, by having a wealth of understanding and practical experience, you can be confident that at every single stage we will be putting your interests first.

Conveyancing Solicitors

No matter if you are buying, selling, remortgaging or only buying to let, our extremely dependable conveyancing lawyers at Mansfield have all the awareness and skill-sets to make sure that your exchange is going to proceed as efficiently and rapidly as possible.

Having said that, it is commonly also the most significant financial commitment you will undertake and can also be exceptionally taxing.

At Phillips Solicitors we understand this, which is why we provide qualified conveyancing services, all of which are carried out by our experienced internal conveyancer.

Our fully committed staff have a wealth of knowledge and have built up a sound track record across Matlock & Derbyshire for offering a dependable conveyancing solution.

Please phone either of our offices to talk about your needs to get a fixed fee conveyancing quote.

With a wealth of local associations our conveyancing lawyers serving Matlock will promise to put your interests first.

Wills & Probate Solicitors

Solicitors for Wills Matlock

Solicitors for Wills Matlock

Preparing a will is a simple and critical item to do. Neglecting to produce a will can easily leave your family and friends with unimaginable difficulties at a quite hard moment. As Wills & Probate Solicitors at Mansfield, we offer a total will producing solution.

As lawyers for last will and testaments, we can absolutely make sure that your estate is left specifically as you would want it to be. We are more than happy to visit you in the convenience of your own home to receive directions and offer specialist guidance at very reasonable fees. Once everything is complete you can be confident that your final wishes will be taken into consideration and that your family and friends will receive any belongings that you may leave behind.

As well as will writing, as probate lawyers serving Matlock, Derbyshire, we offer a full collection of probate services from applying for grants of representation to administering estates.

Our Wills & Probate lawyers serving Matlock are determined to put your interests first.